Contemporary Dance Technique

Contemporary dance is becoming more and more well known, you may have saw this before named ‘Lyrical Dance’.

This class has no set boundaries or rules and encourages students to use known movement from other classes such as ballet, modern or jazz and create a new, fresh dance style. We will teach basic steps such as contractions, isolations, the use of foot positioning from ballet however together with the children we will create new movements which may have never been saw before in this class also! This class encourages the participants to develop and create their own steps so may be ideal for the children who are already choreographing their own routines to music at home!

Although we focus on rhythms and musicality in our other classes, this class turns that on it’s head and teaches unpredictable rhythm, new speeds and different directions. This style of dance usually has a flexible, modern upper body and controlled legwork which can be viewed in ballet work.

In this class, any music can be used so we may anything from classical music to the latest pop songs to keep your children engaged!