Programmes Within the Work Place, Education & Care

As we mentioned previously, although Maddison Dance Theatre spend a great deal of time focusing on dance and fitness in the community setting, we are always available to work with other organisations such as Care Homes, Work Places and Schools!

We can provide a specially designed programme for your organisation, all of which will be designed with NHS guidelines to health and physical activity in mind. We aim to:

Increase Confidence – Improve Mobility – Improve Fitness Levels – Develop Cognitive Function – Increase Social Interaction – Develop Teamwork

Past projects and programmes have included:

Movers & Groovers Programme – Optimum Health Programme – Mind, Body, Soul Programme – Into the Spotlight Dance Programme – Fitness within Specialist Residential Care

For further information on how we can support your business, school or care facility; please get in touch so we can provide a detailed insight into what we can offer.


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